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Does my business need a website?

It's 2021, and if by now your business does not have an online address, whether that is a website, landing page, sales funnel etc, your business basically doesn't exist. Not to mention the huge opportunity costs you aren't taking advantage of. Here are a few reasons why it's important for you business to have a website.

Your traditional business is doing well. You have several loyal customers who keep on coming back and doing transactions with you. Sometimes, you have new buyers, while other times, the business is a little quiet. It may not be a billion-dollar business idea, but at least, you’re getting by.

If you’re okay with how your business is fairing offline, does it mean you don’t need to put it online? Or does your business need a website?

What is a Business Website?

A business website is essentially a space online where information about your company, brand, products, and/or services are available for the public to view and access. It can include a single page or multiple pages, depending on how the website is designed and set up.

There are different kinds of business websites, including a company profile, e-commerce site, business directory, blog, or video site. Depending on the nature of your business, a website can be designed with different features or functions, such as a subscription box, forum, contact form, payment gateway, blogs, and resources, among others.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Business Website

It’s true, your business can still operate without a website, but if you choose to have one, you can experience the following benefits and achieve wonderful results.

1. To establish a strong online presence

With a business website, potential customers can easily find you online. With just a few clicks of a button, information about your company can be accessed immediately. This means a website can help you gain a wider reach, acquire more leads, and achieve better sales and profits.

2. To market, promote, and advertise your products and services

Say goodbye to traditional and expensive means of marketing such as flyering or renting a billboard. With a website, it’s like having your own brochure that’s available and accessible 24/7 to customers throughout the world. A business website is an inexpensive way of promoting your business to your target audience.

3. To build credibility and trust among customers

A professionally designed website builds customer relationships, trust, and credibility. It establishes a brand identity that will help you stand out from the competition. Without a website, people may always wonder about the legitimacy of your business.

Need help developing a website for your business? Let the web experts of Givicore help you start your digital transformation journey today. Contact us now and let’s discuss your requirements.

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