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7 Basic Rules That Make SEO a No-Brainer

Here are 7 basic rules of SEO that make it a no-brainer if you want your website to rank competitively on top of search results.

1. Keyword research

You have to target the right keywords. And by right, we mean the keyword that:

Describes what your website is about

People are searching or typing on Google

Has little competition

To identify this keyword, you need to do a little research — and not just use what you think is the best. There are online keyword tools you can use to identify the monthly search volumes of your target keywords and how high or low the competition is for each keyword.

2. SEO tags

Once you’ve identified your target keyword, be sure to use it accordingly throughout the website. Place a keyword in your title tag, meta description, header tags, and image alt tags.

3. Keyword in slug

Another area where you need to place your keyword is the slug or the website URL that identifies a particular page on your site. Instead of using a string of characters and symbols, be sure to use a keyword.

4. Content optimization

The content on your website is the most important SEO element you should be focusing on. Make sure that your content is:

Relevant and informative

Long enough to house several keywords (at least more than 300 words)

Optimized for search engines and human readers

Easy to read

5. Internal links

Each page and post on your website should be linked to each other through internal links.

6. Site speed and responsiveness

Search engines favor websites that are fast to open and can adjust to any screen type. Make sure that your website is optimized for speed and has a responsive design that can open on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

7. Link building

Finally, let other people know about your website or newly published content by sharing your website and building links to it. Whether in online forums or social media sites, promoting your website, along with the other SEO strategies above, can help you secure a high-ranking spot on Google.

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