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Social Media 

Go beyond getting some likes and followers on social media – take your brand to the next level with targeted social media marketing campaigns that help you gain leads, sales, and inquiries. Need more? Speak with our social media expert today!

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Increase Your Engagement Rate

Our team of social media marketing professionals believe in the power of making interactive brands that connect with the audience and also result in sales, leads, and inquiries. From the newest social algorithms and trends to proven strategies, we leverage all possible resources and mold them into a unique social tactic that represents your brand completely.

We Work with All Types of Industries

Doesn't matter the type of business you have and operate. In this era and going forward, it is vital for the survival of your business in a highly competitive market to invest in social media marketing. Its important to always be on your ideal customers screen. Social Media Marketing is a long-run game, and although you can quickly see results, its important to start and not stop! Take a look at some of the industries we cater to and creatives we can do for your business!

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Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 1.47.39 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 2.01.40 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 1.45.43 PM.png
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Complete Transparency

We give our clients complete transparency over the statistics and the process with daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly reports. They also have access to our platform where they can make manual changes if they desire.


Account Manager

Each of our clients gets a unique designated account manager solely working on their project. Available during the week, one text or email away!

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Custom Designs

We make sure your posts are unique, speaks to the client’s needs. We create stunning posts that are appealing to your target audience. 


Captions & Hashtags

Our team researches and creates SEO rich captions with the correct keywords and hashtags. This helps tap into the social media algorithms to increase your engagement rate, which then helps get more followers, likes, view, leads, etc.

Select a Plan



Per Month


Social Media Planner Platform

Account Manager 
8 Custom posts created
2 postings a week
2 Social Media Accounts

Post Captions

Cancel Anytime



Per Month


Social Media Planner Platform

Account Manager 
12 Custom posts created
3 postings a week
4 Social Media Accounts

Post Captions & Hashtags

1 Monthly SMS Text campaign 

Cancel Anytime




Per Month


Social Media Planner Platform

Account Manager 
16+ Custom posts created
4+ postings a week
ALL Social Media Accounts

Post Captions & Hashtags

2 Monthly SMS Text campaign 

Cancel Anytime

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