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PPC Lead Generation Campaigns on the World's #1 Search Engine

Does your business need more leads? Look no further. See hw we have helped many small & local business increase their pipeline value.

Where everyone goes to search

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Reasons your business should be advertising on Google

Google ads l Givicore

Fun Fact:

86% of the world prefers & uses Google as a search engine


How it Works

  1.  Map the lead to sale journey 

  2.  Identify Business Objectives

  3.  Set Media Objectives

  4.  Pick campaign(s) objectives 

  1.  Understand your customers

  2.  Find your high-value clients

  3.  Stand out with creative copy

  1.  Capture existing demand

  2.  Generate new demand

  1.  Refine Campaigns

  2.  Seize opportunity


Client Results

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Stoke Lucero

Nocturnal Tattoo Owner

" Since working with Givicore's Lead generation team, we have been able to significantly increase the number of leads and revenue each month, it is unbelievable"

Star rating on Google

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*Results may vary, depending on industry

Ready for more leads?

Select a plan below to get started 

Standard Plan

-One-time setup fee $500​

-Ad Creatives & Copy

-Monthly Reporting

-Minimum 3 month Contract

-Flat Rate

-Ad Management

Performance Plan

-One-time setup fee $500​

-Ad Creatives & Copy

-Monthly Reporting

-Month to Month

-Per per lead

-Ad Management

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