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Own a Car Audio Shop?

Increase Revenue by up to
$15k-$50k/mo +

with our proven system. See Results within 30 days or sooner! Guaranteed or Money Back!

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Website or Sales Funnel

If you want to grow your car audio business in 2023 and be ahead of the competition, its's vital for your business to have a modern website that displays all your services and/or products. The site has to be user friendly and easy for the customer to find what they are looking for. The website also has to have many call to actions so the customer can get in touch or submit quote request. Its very important to display everything about your audio shop in a modern and professional manner. Your website is your business's first impression. 


CRM & Automations

Our CRM comes with over 20 tools that will help you leverage technology to grow every aspect of your business. Most importanly, you will be able to automate many processes so you can operate your business as efficient as possible. A CRM keeps everythign tight so you can maximize your ROI on leads you get. Our software is a very easy to use platform to generate, track, nurture and close more deals.

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Social Media

In 2023, it is vital for your business to be on as many social media platforms as possible. This helps build your brand equity and makes it easy for people to find you no matter what app they are using. It boosts your credibility and professionalism not to mention to will put ahead of all the competition that only is using maybe Google or just conduct business from their facebook business page. What we do is create custom branded peices of content for your business and post on all your social media at optimal times to generate leads and traffic to your site.


Post Everywhere At Once, With One Click


Automated Google Reviews

The number of reviews and rating your business has on Google will determine how much business you receive. Before a customer makes a decision, they will look at the number of reviews the business has and then read what past clients have said, and then visit their website. If you want to gain market share, you'll need to increase your reviews and rating to outshine the competition that only has a few. With our CRM, everytime a client is served, automations are set so that your client receives a reveiw request via SMS and or Email, not just once but a few times over the course of a month. This will all happen automatically without you having to constanlty bug and remind clients to leave a review. Your business will just be receiving reviews on auto pilot.

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Once your business has a great website, has social media profiles, a good CRM with automation and correct systems in place, you are now ready to drive traffic to your site and start closing more deals! If you do not have the previous things setup, you will simply burn money and leave alot of money on the table. We can help setup everything and launch ads for your business and get on average 4-7x Return on Investment. We specialize in helping car audio shops increase revenue by implementing proven systems at a very affordable price.


Case Study

We Helped Xtreme Increase Revenue by

He have helped one of our clients, Xtreme Car Audio consistently generate over 150 leads every month with Google ads, increase his Google reviews, increase phone calls and number of appointments. Every month on average we are adding over $100,000 in pipeline value.

We created a custom and modern One-Page Sales Funnel. 

Synced all his channels to Givicore's CRM

We built their Pipelines, Workflows, Calendars, & Automations

Created Google Ads account & created his ad creatives

Launched & Scaled ads to generate 100-200 online leads consistently every month.

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$15k - $34k 
to their
monthly bottomline revenue.

$60k - $120k  
in pipeline value every month

The great thing about our systems is that not only do we increase the business's traffic and revenue, but also other important things like online engagement rates, likes, follows, reviews for any platform, appointments, and brand equity. 


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